Grey Aliens


There are many types of aliens that have been encountered and documented. But there’s no doubt that the most popularized and frequented encounters are those of Grey Aliens We’ve put together a guide for paranormal enthusiasts as a all-in-one resource on everything Grey Aliens.

Grey Aliens

Also known as “Alien Greys”, “The Greys” and just “Greys”, Grey Aliens is a species of aliens in a majority of close encounters. Nearly half (43%) of all alien sightings are of this type of Grey Alien. This alien species is also the type popularized in the infamous Roswell UFO crash incident.

While those who encounter Grey Aliens range in their descriptions of the beings, there are some consistencies across the majority of sightings and interactions. First these aliens are small in stature, usually around 4 feet in height, with a pale, hairless, grey skinned body. Grey Aliens have overgrown, massive skulls that resemble that of a lightbulb. One of the most frightening characteristics of these beings are their huge, sunken black eyes. These features come to life throughout illustratations from those who have come in contact with the beings. The characteristics are backed by the rare occurrences of the lucky (or unlucky) individuals who had the ability to document their encounters with their Grey Alien picture photo-evidence.

Grey Aliens were first reported in the famous Barney and Betty Hill abduction in 1961 and since have invaded the minds of alien enthusiasts everywhere. Many of the most famous alien encounters have included contact with Grey Aliens. This type of alien has uncanny resemblances to that of a snow owl, with many who are non-believers of extraterrestrials on Earth believing that encounters are no more than mis-identified owls. But I have never known an owl to abduct a human out of their bedroom.

Famous Grey Alien Encounters

While almost half of all alien encounters are report to be Grey Aliens, there are a handful of truely extraordinary stories about this species of otherworldly visitors. Here are our favorites:

Barney and Betty Hill’s Grey Alien Abduction

Considered the first encounter that kick started the Grey Alien phenomenon is the terrifying abduction of Barney and Betty Hill. The Hills were driving through New Hampshire on their way back from a vacation in Canada. Coming home they spotted what they originally thought was a shooting star. Soon the Hills realized what they were looking at wasn’t a shooting star.

Barney decided to pull the car over to get a better look (and to walk the dog of course). While pulled over, he had a better look through his binoculars and assumed the object was an airliner. He then witnessed the object make erratic movements and quickly changed his mind. This spooked Barney enough to jump back in his car and take off driving. Soon after the object descent upon the Hills car, quickly and with no sound, blinding their vision with the object under a hundred feet in front of their car.

Things then really hit the fan. Barney exits the vehicle with his pistol and through his binoculars sees around ten Grey Aliens. The Greys were able to nonverbally communicate to Barney to “not move”. Barney, now in a state of panic, ran back to the car and quickly drove away with the Grey Aliens quickly following. The Hills had nowhere to go, as the UFO flew over their car. The Hills described a pulsating sound including a series of buzzes and beeps as their car began to vibrate. A tingling sensation came over their body until they lost consciousness. The next thing the Hills remember is the tingling sensation once more and waking up nearly 35 miles from where they last remember being.

Roswell UFO Crash

The most famous alien and UFO story in the world comes from Roswell, New Mexico. This story needs no explaining, as I’m sure anyone with interest in Grey Aliens have heard in a hundred times. For the sake of thoroughness, here is the rundown of the event:

In 1947, a UFO crashed in the New Mexico desert. A local on his homestead near Roswell comes across a debris field of metallic wreckage. At first he doesn’t realize what the debris is and returns a few days later with his family. From their the reports are mixed, but the official account claims that our local tells the sheriff he has found a ‘flying disc’. The sheriff reports this to RAAF Major Jesse Marcel who accompanies our local ranchman to the scene of the crash.

The Major assures our local that the crash is nothing more than a weather balloon that the US Military was using for atmosphere tests. The US Military releases a press release on the incident, but not before the local paper picks up and runs the UFO story which becomes national news.

There are many conflicting reports, but some witnesses from the crash scene claim the US Army found and confiscated two small Grey Aliens, still alive at the scene. This makes the story much more of a unicorn and has led to it being the most highly publicized and told story of UFOs and Grey Aliens in history.

Travis Walton Grey Alien Incident

The Travis Walton story is one of the most famous alien abduction stories ever. In 1975, Arizona native and logger Travis Walton was working with six of his fellow loggers. While driving in their truck, the group comes across disc-shaped object hovering just above the ground. Walton excitedly jumps from the truck and approaches the disc, when a solid beam of bright white light shoots from the object, knocking Walton unconscious. The other loggers were so spooked that they left Walton.

Walton regains consciousness in what he claims as a hospital-esque room surrounded by three small Grey Aliens. The encounter continued as a Grey leads Walton throughout the halls of the craft, before he is giving an anesthetic and blacks out. When he wakes up, Walton is back on the highway as the UFO takes off in the distance. Five days had gone by since Walton disappeared while with his coworkers.

Grey Aliens in Pop Culture

Grey Aliens are what the majority of the public think of when they hear the term alien. While this has much to do with the famous Grey Alien encounters, it also has to do with what Hollywood and pop culture has created from those same encounters. Movies and books drew inspiration from the Hill’s abduction. Fire in the Sky was the widely released feature film adaption of Travis Walton’s abduction.

More recently Whitley Strieber has released a handful of best-sellers based on his abduction experiences, including The Greys and Dreamland. In the early 2000s, FX released an autopsy video of what was claimed to be that of the Grey Alien recovered at the Roswell Crash, which was soon to be revealed as a hoax. The Fourth Kind was also a major motion picture released in the 2000s that relied on ‘found-footage’ and the popularized ‘faux-documentary’ style film. While The Fourth Kind never expliciting showed Grey Aliens, it does describe them in detail, with patients frequently seeing snow owls.

Have You Experience Grey Aliens?

Do you have a story involving a Grey Alien encounter? We want to hear about it. If you feel comfortable enough to tell that story, please reach out to us from our contribute page.

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