Reptoids: The Shape-Shifting, Extraterrestrial Elite


Reptilian Overview

Reptoids, often referred to as reptilians, reptilian shapeshifters or lizard people, are extraterrestrials from the Alpha Draconis star system. The system’s main star is Thuban, sits today in the northern hemisphere inconspicuously. Interestingly, it would have appeared as the north star during Earth’s 4th to 2nd millennium BC. Thuban is a white giant star, burning 120 times brighter than our Sun and is located 300 light years away.

Reptoid experts include sportscaster turned investigator, David Icke, phenomena analyst, John Rhodes, and cryptozoologist, Karl Shuker. Beloved scientist, Carl Sagan, discusses the existence of reptoids in his book “The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence.”


According to Rhodes, one of the foremost experts on the subject, argues reptoids on earth predate the emergence of man. During the environmental cataclysms like supervolcanic eruptions, asteroids and ice ages that wiped out many ancient species, reptoids retreated underground. There, they lived until atmospheric and environmental conditions permitted a return to the surface.

A schism of sorts occurs when discussing modern reptoids. Rhodes argues many of these reptoids remain wild or feral. He believes we have been interacting with reptoids since the dawn of man. But many of the interactions were dismissed as religious, supernatural, or UFO-type experiences. Despite this dismissal, a number of interactions with wild reptoids have been documented.

The Rhodes doctrine depicts reptilian society to be subterranean, with inhabitants that rarely interact with humans. He also believes they exist on their native planets and within alternate vibrational states of reality, or different dimensions.

Icke on the other hand, argues reptoids possess a much more impactful presence. He believes, their ancestors are believed to have established themselves in elite circles, overseeing many political and corporate entities.

Reptoids’ Features

They can range from average human height to above nine feet tall. They appear lean and fit while possessing superior leg and arm strength. Their hands are topped with claws to serve many practical purposes. Reptoid skin is scaly and dark green and in some instances appears brown. Scales cover their entire body, through kevlar-strength chest plates cover the majority of their torso.

They are completely hairless and possess fleshy spines under their chins. Tails reportedly vary in size, but can be very long. Their eyes are black and slit vertically similarly to that of grey aliens, rather than horizontally like a human. According to Rhodes, reptoids do possess penises, but they lack the traditional scrotum of a human man, but it is stored within a vertical slit at the base of the torso.

Draco reptoids are said to be the regal, reptilian overlords. They sit atop the social hierarchy of reptoid kind. Unlike traditional reptoids, Draco have wings protruding out of their back. Some claim sightings of the MothMan is actually simply a Draco flying above. Their build is more muscular and athletic. Their eyes glow red and can be seen clearly in the night’s sky.

Reptoids Sightings

Sonoran Desert, North America — Somewhere outside Tucson, AZ three bikers were reportedly startled by a reptilian humanoid creature. They witnessed the terrifying sight while participating in the 24 hour Old Pueblo Race. They described long arms, claws, and a loud chattering sound before the creature fleed.

Son Doong Cave, Vietnam — The enormous, nearly 500 foot tall cave has been the premise of several reptoid sightings since being discovered in 1995. Locals deemed the beast the “Devil Creature.” They said it was a roughly seven-foot-tall “upright lizard humanoid” standing at the entrance of the cave.

Bishopville, SC — The small town is home to a reptilian beast known as the “Lizard Man.” It was first spotted in 1988 by a teenager who claimed the beast attacked him. Sightings have occurred as recently as 2015.

Austria, Czech Republic — A cave explorer in northern Austria witnessed a reptoid in a salt mine during May of 2011. He reports a smelling a rotting odor and hearing voices prior to entering the cave chamber. Upon leaving, a light appeared, quickly turning into multiple. He stated multiple muscular lizard-like creatures were standing upright and appeared to be in uniform.

Honey Island, LA — A swamp creature spotted as early as 1963 in one of the USA’s largest swamps is reportedly of reptilian nature. Despite witness claims and sightings of claw-like footprints, a video surfaced in 1988 depicting the beast as more of a sasquatch or bigfoot-esque creature.

Possible Reptoids

Reptilians are thought to have infiltrated every crack of society. Here are those tied closest to the reptoid theory.


Queen Elizabeth — Queen of the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand since 1952
George W. Bush — American President from 2001-2009
Barack Obama — American President from 2009-2017
Henry Kissinger — German-American political scientist and diplomat
Bill and Hillary Clinton — American president and first lady 1994-2001
Jerome Powell — Chairman of the Federal Reserve


Jack Nicholson — American Actor
Benedict Cumberbatch — British Actor
Sean Connery — British Actor
Roger Moore — British Actor
Angelina Jolie — American Actress
Anderson Cooper — American political commentator
Bob Hope — American actor


Nikola Tesla — Serbian Inventor
Diazien Hossencofft — American Doctor
Mark Zuckerberg — Founder of Facebook
Elon Musk — Founder of Tesla and SpaceX
Jesus Christ — Founder of Christianity

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