Paranormal Hangout is broken up into six high level categories that incorporates the vast majority of the what the known of unknown includes.

Afterlife and Religion

While this section covers mystical answers to why we are here and where we go after we die, it also dives more into world of the paranormal. Ghosts, the most famous type of paranormal activity is hosted here. So are topics such as angels, demons and prophecies.

Aliens and UFOs

All things aliens and unidentified flying objects call this category home. From abduction stories, identifying the major and non major alien species, this is where our close encounter fans will like to call home.


We cover two major bucks of conspiracies on Paranormal Hangout. The most famous theories such as JFK and 9/11 down to new, emerging theories such as the Las Vegas gunman.


Cults, or somethings known as new-religious movements, are one of our favorite topics. Helping you explore cults that are no longer with us, new movements and groups that have spanned hundreds of years all call this category home.


Cryptozoology are a favorite among many paranormal investigators. Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Mothman and others are the beings that got us into the paranormal, and all covered here.


New wave movements such as crystals are all the rave. But other pseudoscience topics can include astral projection, mind control, telepathy and more. Learn all about the middle ground between science and the unknown.